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Vroom Homepage Redesign


A redesign of Vroom's homepage experience.


Product designer


1 month
The new homepage design for desktop


Being on a team responsible for Vroom’s upper funnel conversion, I saw a huge opportunity in digging into and improving upon what was serving as our biggest landing page, the homepage. The biggest challenge with a homepage design is providing an instantly clear and unique value prop to engage users. There’s also the added importance of your homepage as it serves as the first impression to the majority of new users.

Vroom's old desktop homepage design.
Vroom’s old homepage design.

Discovery & approach

There were multiple issues immediately apparent from content strategy, user interface, and overall performance of the current experience. I had several assumptions, which I verified through research and data.

The first issue I wanted to address was the content strategy. I was sure we weren’t passing the 5-second test. Through user interviews, we validated that the “Delivering now and always” messaging was not resonating with our users.

Next was our visual and UI design. Upon digging into the data I found that 11% of our users who landed on the homepage were dead clicking the “BUY” tab. Many users also completely ignored the primary call-to-action and opened the hamburger menu to select “BUY”.

Recording of a user dead clicking the buy tab.Recording of a user dead clicking the buy tab and opening the hamburger menu to select buy.
Users dead clicking our UI and not following the primary/optimal path.

Lastly, but not least important, the performance and the inconsistency between mobile and desktop. The current homepage had a poor lighthouse score and contained a ton of content shifting. Also, there was no search input for users on mobile (~75% of traffic) to quickly find what they wanted. In looking into the data, 24% of mobile users were navigating to the catalog and then using search. I also discovered “Start purchase” clicks were 2.2% higher among users who searched.

Recording of a user dead clicking on the buy tab, then navigating to the catalog and using search.Vroom's old desktop homepage which has a search bar, unlike the old mobile design.
Mobile user navigating to the catalog to use search and the inconsistency between desktop and mobile.


Addressing all the issues above, I redesigned the experience and worked closely with our engineers during development. The major change was breaking out our two customer intents into separate sections, buying and selling. This approach gives us the ability to prioritize which we display first based on current business needs, or more importantly, based on the individual user’s intent.

We launched the “Buy” focused redesign as an A/B test. The challenger won in all the major metrics we tracked including bounce rate (55% decrease), next page conversion for the buy and sell funnels (+6% and +4.6% respectively), as well as down funnel conversion (+5.5%). We also saw an increase in other key metrics like a +6% increase in account creation.

From there we made the challenger the new default and ran a new test with the “Sell” focused design which also had huge success. Most notably, a +27% increase in sell appraisals.

From here, we plan to continue iterating and building out more personalization on the homepage for our return users.

Vroom's new buy focused homepage design.Vroom's new sell focused homepage design.Vroom's new personalized homepage experience.
New “Buy”, “Sell”, and personalized homepage designs.

Software used

Figma logo.Photoshop logo.


User research, Content strategy, UX design, UI design, Prototyping, A/B testing

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