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Bankrate Rebrand


A complete rebrand for the internet’s leading source for financial advice to help you navigate life’s financial journey.


Lead designer


1 year
See the rebrand live
Bankrate's main tagline, "Guiding you through life's financial journey" with a close up overlay of a Benjamin Franklin illustration.


Starting as a print publication for the banking industry in 1976, Bankrate has maintained itself as a trusted source of financial information for millions of Americans. With this rebrand, we wanted to ensure we honored our past while creating an industry-leading digital experience for new users that established Bankrate as a modern financial authority.

Bankrate's old and new logo designed by me.
The new logo I designed for Bankrate.

Discovery & approach

In this rebrand, I took a lot of inspiration from currency design. Specifically, the guilloché patterns you see throughout all bills. These visually complex patterns are added to make counterfeiting bills more difficult. I wanted to take that visual security element and apply it throughout our rebrand.

Some foreign currency with great guilloches I used as inspiration for the rebrand.
International currency featuring great guilloché treatments.

Then we completely started from scratch with our color palette, fonts, and visual styling to align with our new brand values of trust and authority.

Sampling of the rebranding assets I designed.
Sampling of Bankrate's new brand assets I designed.

After determining our foundation of fonts and colors, the team met at our Detroit office for a design summit where we all worked together on refining our design system.

Me explaining the details of our Design Summit exercise to the team.
Me explaining our atomic design and goal of the exercise.
Bankrate's design team contributing to the new design system critique.
Everyone deep in thought during day two of the design summit.
Results of the exercise with all our atoms, molecules, and components critiqued.
Everyone’s notes which were discussed and voted on.


After all the discoveries and take-aways from the design summit, we applied the updates across our rebranded page templates. From there, I lead the implementation with our developers to roll out the rebrand across

Gif showing Bankrate's old homepage and bank review compared the redesigned versions.
Comparison of the old and new Bankrate experience.

Software used

Adobe Illustrator logo.Photoshop logo.Sketch logo.


Logo design, Branding, User research, UX design, Wire framing, UI design, Prototyping, User testing, Content strategy, Design systems

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