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Outcast Podcast App


This self-initiated project was inspired by my poor user experience with podcast apps. I created a brand and application design while learning Adobe Xd.


Sole designer


3 months


While there’s plenty of podcast apps out there, none of them are standout or creating a seamless experience. Most could even be classified as sub-par. The application I use, Podcast Addict, while extremely feature rich, severely lacks usability.

The confusing path to simply search for new podcasts.

Discovery & approach

I started by keeping track of all the pain points I experienced while using the app. After I gathered a dozen or so, I started thinking about solutions. In tandem I started building a brand around the idea of a podcast app for humans.

My inspiration and evolution for the Outcast logo.
Final logo for the Outcast Podcast App.
Several screen mocks from the app.


With this clean, simple, and user interface the Outcast Podcast app is already an improvement from the competition. No ambigious icons, confusing menus, or frustrating navigation to get in the way of user’s goal of simply listening.

The Outcast Podcast App home screen.

Software used

Adobe Xd logo.Adobe Illustrator logo.Photoshop logo.


Logo design, Branding, UX design, Wire framing, UI design, Prototyping, Content strategy

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