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Tai Fai Rebrand


Complete rebrand and eCommerce site design for a local sushi shop.


Graphic designer, UI designer


1 month


Tai Fai is known by its patrons as the best spot around to get fresh sushi and Asian cuisine. While their product is great, their logo and branding was outdated, inconsistent, and uninviting to potential new customers.

Tai Fai’s old branding and carryout menu.
Tai Fai’s old website and checkout.

Discovery & approach

As with most rebrands, my approach begin’s with a new logo. Starting completely from scratch since there wasn’t an existing logo mark to honor, I took inspiration from Chinese characters.

New logo progression.

After creating a logo, I worked on the typography and color palette to best represent
a new Tai Fai aesthetic.


With a strong brand foundation, I continued developing the visual styling with illustrations and imagery to embody Tai Fai’s mission of simply making sushi.

New carryout menu design.
Application of the new brand in packaging.
New branding and UI for the checkout experience.

Software used

Adobe Illustrator logo.Adobe Xd logo.Photoshop logo.


Branding, Logo design, Wire framing, UI design, Prototyping

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