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Vroom Checkout Redesign


Complete redesign of Vroom’s checkout experience. Buying a vehicle completely online is a unique and challenging experience to design.


Product designer


6 months
Vroom's logo with branded red background.


Users are already apprehensive about making, in most cases, the second biggest purchase of their life. The decision is even more difficult when done entirely online and sight unseen. This added anxiety on top of the complexity of buying a vehicle requires a checkout experience that is seamless, informative, and transparent.

Several redesigned screens from the new Vroom checkout experience.
Several redesign screens from the new Vroom checkout.

Discovery & approach

I began this project by gaining a thorough understanding of our current checkout process and pain points via stakeholder interviews and checkout funnel data. There were some strong insights and indicators that needed to be addressed. Especially around delivery transparency.

Old checkout screens from Vroom's checkout experience.
Vroom’s old checkout experience.

After becoming knowledgeable of all the complexity of our current checkout from end-to-end I started doing a competitive analysis on our biggest competitor, Carvana. From there I leveraged the extensive library of checkout research from the Baymard Institute.

Screenshots of Carvana's mobile checkout experience.
Carvana’s checkout experience.
Screenshots of several Baymard checkout research findings.
Baymard checkout research highlights.

In assessing all the data needing to be inputted by and provided to users, I restructured the information architecture to eliminate duplicative input of data and leveraged technology whenever possible to reducing users' cognitive load. A great example of this was allowing users to simply scan their driver's license to auto-fill basic information and validate their identity in one step.

A lo-fi flow of the new checkout experience.
New checkout flow (scroll to see).

To determine the best solution for the new checkout stepper navigation I created checkout prototypes and conducted user interviews to gain qualitative feedback.

Screenshot of the 1st mobile checkout navigation for user testing.Screenshot of the second version of a mobile checkout navigation.Video clip of a user interview where they are interacting with the mobile navigation.
Both versions of the stepper and screencap from a user interview.


After applying all my insights from the competitive analysis, best practices from Baymard’s checkout research, and the qualitative and quantitative user feedback, I was able to reduce the number of steps within Vroom's checkout by 50%. In addition to an optimized checkout flow, I elevated the overall visual design and user interface with thoughtful use of color, space, and animation.

The prototype of Vroom’s new checkout experience.

Software used

Figma logo.Adobe After Effects logo.Adobe Illustrator logo.Photoshop logo.


User research, Information architecture, UX design, Wire framing, UI design, Prototyping, User testing, Content strategy

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