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Bankrate Bank Reviews Redesign


Restructuring the existing bank review content to better serve Bankrate’s users and accomplish business objectives while applying the rebranded styling.


UI/UX designer


3 months
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Bankrate’s bank reviews were difficult to scan, navigate, and lacked engaging visuals. The hierarchy placed more emphasis on the author of the review than the actual content and score, resulting in the bank reviews’ poor performance.

Bankrate’s old bank review layout.

Discovery & approach

Most of the content on these pages (along with their advertised products) were hidden behind tabs that users rarely clicked. Even with the exposed products, there was little distinction between the reviewed bank and competing bank’s products. Also, the page was severely lacking a clear call-to-action strategy.

Bankrate’s old review content layout.


By focusing on the content users wanted, making it easily accessible, and offering clear next steps through thoughtful use of hierarchy we were able to increase bank review’s revenue by 43%.

The new bank review page layout.

In breaking out the content to make it scrollable, I utilized our secondary teal color to bring attention to the reviewed bank’s products throughout the content. I also repurposed the left rail with dynamic tools and offers which changes based on parter budgets and adjacent content.

The new bank review content layout.

Software used

Sketch logo.


UX design, Information architecture, UI design, Prototyping, Design systems, Content strategy

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