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Detroit Neighbor-hood Map


A silkscreen-printed map featuring all 105 neighborhoods of Detroit.


1 week


Graphic designer
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Me holding up my white on dark blue Detroit neighborhood print.


In starting to explore downtown more on my bike, I began to wonder how many neighborhoods there were in the city. Upon doing some research, I was unable to find a decent Detroit neighborhood map.

Examples of Detroit neighborhood maps I found online that were hard to read.
Existing maps of Detroit Neighborhoods.

In using the existing maps I found online as a guide, I designed a more useful and visually pleasing map.

My newly designed Detroit neighborhoods map.
New Detroit Neighborhoods Map design.
Close up shot of my Detroit neighborhoods print.


After screen printing the initial batch myself, I partnered with a local print shop and retailers like Pure Detroit and Signal Return to sell more prints.

My Detroit neighborhoods map print hanging up at Signal Return.
Photo credit: Signal Return

Software used

Adobe Illustrator logo.Photoshop logo.


Graphic design, Print design